General Terms & Conditions

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Offer and acceptance:

1 / All assignments are based on a written offer and subsequent order confirmation.

2 / Only upon receipt of order confirmation, will the service/images be performed/carried out.

Terms of Payment:

3 / TR Media payment terms are net cash (invoice date)

4 / Orders in excess of DKK 50,000.- (ex VAT) are charged at the start of the assignment an advance amount of 50% of the total order sum.

5 / In case of assignments that extend for more than one month’s work, said work will be billed 30% of total order amount by acceptance of offer, another 30% halfway through the course of the assignment, and final 40% by completion of the job.

6 / Over due payment, 2% will be charged in interest per. commenced month + a  late fee.

7 / Late fee – first, second and third reminder DKK. 100,00.

If still no payment after 3.reminder, TR Media surrender the amount due for debt collection.


8 / All copyrights regarding photos and videos recorded by TR Media belong to TR Media, whether delivered to the customer or not.

9 /   It can be agreed that the copyrights of a part of the material will be transferred to the customer – against financial compensation to TR Media.

10 / Unless otherwise agreed, TR Media is entitled to use photo and video material in connection with the promotion of TR Media.

11 / For the purpose of website building, the copyright belongs to the customer after completion of the website.

11a/Unless otherwise agreed, all raw material, interim files etc. is the property of TR-Media ApS, and thus not a part of the final delivery til the Client.


12 / Prices are per. January 1, 2021 as follows:
Hourly rate for photo work / video work DKK. 1.600.00 + VAT
Hourly rate for subsequent editing DKK.   1100.00 + VAT
Price for full-day recording (8 hours) DKK. 11.000,00 + VAT
Driving according to state tariffs, Props and other external costs are charged separately.

13 / There are no default prices for website development and maintenance – this is assessed on a case by case basis.

14 / In the event the Client wishes TR Media to maintain the website after it’s completion, this will require a separate agreement. Said agreement will be valid for the first 12 months after which the agreement can be terminated on a 3 months notice.

Responsibility for content of websites:

15 / TR Media does not hold any responsibility for the content of any given website at any time.

16 / TR Media reserves the right to refuse a task if the content of the website does not comply with the current Danish law.


17 / The information that TR Media may come by in relation to the task being carried out for the Client is to be considered confidential and TR Media may not disclose said information to third parties unless specifically agreed with the Client – or if this is a natural part of the task solution – for example in connection with the construction of a website.

Company policy:

18 / TR media is a media production company with emphasis on storytelling and providing visual communication that facilitates specific feelings and emotions.
TR Media also believes in diversity, sustainability and respect for other people. As a result of this, we reserve the right to refuse cooperation with companies / entities or persons who we do not believe to be in accordance with our own code of conduct or shared beliefs.


19 / TR Media adheres to current regulations. Upon completion of assignment, all interim material that can be related back to individuals is deleted, unless specifically asked not to do so by the client. All clients are made aware of the EU regulations as of May 2018, and the importance of compliance.


As an extended service to our clients, TR Media stores a backup of the material we generate, for a period of 1 years completely free of charge, after which we reserve the right to delete any files on our drives.


21 / TR Media reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions on a continuous basis. January 2021.  TR-Media ApS