Story, just story!

Film’s a great form of communication. Everything is live in every sense of the word.
But to make your film a strong and compelling story you need a high degree of planning and preparation. It also allows for everybody to know exactly what and why we are doing it.
And that’s when it get’s fun!


Never miss a Beat from Thomas Rønn on Vimeo.

It’s not always the Client actually knows in detail what he/she want’s, but as this is a cooperative effort we always find out. It’s always a process and a collaboration with the Client that in the end defines what we set out to do.

Opel_Adam from Thomas Rønn on Vimeo.

That’s why film is far more than just a collection of pretty pictures. It’s a Story! We primarily tell that story with the use of DSLR’s, and lately the C300 mrk.III  with Prime-lenses. It’s just a lot nicer to look at and the lenses we use paints images, more beautiful than else. And with 20+ years of still photography, I tend to project that into my moving images… It doesn’t make it any easier, but it sure makes it a lot more pleasing to the eye. Another asset of course is drone imagery. Used with care, and only with a specific purpose, this almost always add a nice touch to the story.

Dvorak Slavonic Dance No.2 from Thomas Rønn on Vimeo.

Pigen&hesten from Thomas Rønn on Vimeo.

I use the word film – not video, and there’s a reason for that. I’m not that fond of the typical video-look. I’m much more drawn to all the qualities of motion picture. The soft focus, often the shallow depth of field – and the part of the image that’s out of focus, a beauty in itself. It demands a strict eye for detail, but the results speaks for itself.

DSV – Project Freight. from Thomas Rønn on Vimeo.