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We don’t just create images – we create value!

To me it’s very important that what we do is not “just” good enough. It’s got to be nice, great – or simply put, just right!
That means the final shot, the final pose has got to be spot on. That often takes time, and I take my time very seriously. It’s when we have the time, we let go of the things that hold us back and creativity can flourish.

What’s your opinion?

I almost always have an opinion on things, and I’m not shy about it. If I have a different opinion on our project, you are guaranteed to hear it. Not just because I think I’m smarter than everybody else, but it just might be – that nobody thought of it…

A very important part of  good manners at TR Media is the will and courage to speak up, even if everybody else’s reached a consensus. If I can’t see the picture, how am I able to create it? We all need to open our eyes – in more ways than one.


Preparation is Key. Good planning, checklists and control are paramount. I’m very happy with my day-to-day workflow, that allows for the shoot, selection and final retouch at the Client when speed is of the essence, and a more regulated workflow, perhaps with the service of an outside editor for that crucial final touch and grade. In any case, it’s part of a well planned process.


The Portrait will always be an integral part of my day.
I do portraits of young people and old, for privates as well as in business, working portraits, you name it… to me It’s still the finest form of art, by far the most demanding and “naked” form of image-making. I always have a basic fear of not being able to capture the moment. I can create the right environment for the picture, but if I can’t get the subject to focus, feel comfortable with me and present him- or herself – I’ve failed.

In the end it’s all about looking for what’s there, and making room for it

Thomas Rønn